Homework Support Program

Homework Support

Agape Community Services runs an on-going after school homework support from Monday to Saturday. The program runs during all four primary and secondary school terms. It is a supervised centre where our tutors assist students to complete their classwork, homework, research and assignments. Our tutors assist students from Primary, High School, College and University levels. Students are provided with light refreshments.


Primary School, High School, TAFE, Collage & University students:

Monday to Friday: 12 pm – 5 pm

Saturdays: 11 am – 2 pm


Centre Address


25 Barbara St. Fairfield NSW 2165

Phone: (02) 9188 1567

Email: info@agapecommunityservices.org.au


The homework support program has proven to be of considerable benefits to students that have been attending and we would like to continue to run the program in all four terms and to offer all students the ability to reach their maximum potential in safe and supportive learning environment external to their already supportive classrooms.

  • To meet the specific learning needs of the students
  • Help students get through homework
  • Assist students to catch up with the rest of their classes
  • To get students through difficult topics or subject material
  • To provide a much more controlled environment for learning and giving students a better opportunity to focus
  • To provide motivation for students
  • To improve comprehension and retention of information.
  • Assist students to have greater focus on problem areas in specific subjects and topics that struggle with
  • To identify and pinpoint areas that need improvement and focus the lessons accordingly to address missed key points that are holding them back from understanding more advanced concepts.