Agape Community Services

AGAPE COMMUNITY SERVICES is a non-profit community organisation that provides services to the most disadvantaged individuals, families and communities in the Fairfield City local government area, NSW. We assist the people in need so they may be able to participate fully in social and economic life and build stronger, more sustainable inclusive communities.

The presence of the culturally and linguistically diverse communities and the existing local services, continues to draw migrant and refugee communities to the Fairfield City. We are committed to ongoing engagement with these residents along with providing them with active support and develop services in response to meeting the needs of these multicultural communities.
We support Fairfield City's new resident’s settlement process, allowing the clients to improve their lives as well as their family's and contribute and engage with society at a broader level.

AGAPE COMMUNITY SERVICES also works closely with other community organisations and groups, government and non-government organisation and the community, through partnership and collaboration in order to run projects and programs that meet local needs.
Support is provided to a range of projects including services for: Community welfare and social services, Community development, Community health services, Employment assistance activities, including social enterprise. We provide active support and diverse services that meet the needs of the community. Our motto is “Making a Difference in Peoples Lives”